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Novartis Donates One Million Rands Worth of Medicines Towards Cholera Outbreak in Zimbabwe

Novartis has made a donation of medicines to the value of One Million Rands as a contribution towards the recent Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe’s capital city of Harare which has so far claimed the lives of 49 people in the capital city, five more in Buhera more recently and left 10 000 infected.


iNova pharmaceuticals and their B-Cal® calcium range has launched the “Big O” campaign – to encourage South Africans to put their voice behind Osteoporosis, also known as the “silent disease”.

Lifeline for snakebite victims with launch of specialised advisory team in SA

Medical practitioners, healthcare workers and emergency departments in Southern Africa have been provided with access to a new resource to assist them with the management of the victims of snake bites with the launch of a special advisory group of snakebite authorities.

Understanding eating and weight disorders

Raising awareness for eating disorders in South Africa is important to help struggling individuals, and to debunk eating disorder myths.

Tired eyes, or something more serious?

It’s SA National Eye Care Awareness Month from 23 September to 18 October, and to mark the occasion, Novartis South Africa has called on South Africans to pay closer attention to eye care and the symptoms of eye diseases.

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